CH Gardenway Celtic Breeze
SIRE: Ch Gardenway Damatist
DAM: Gardenway Petite Fleur
DOB: June 21, 1996
SEX: Female
OWNER(s): Eileen Wilkes
In 1996 I purchased a puppy from Jackie Perkins of Gardenway Vizslas in England. I had visited many times and loved her vizslas. I called Jackie and gave the tall order of producing the perfect – in every way (of course) – vizsla puppy. In September, 1996, Jackie personally delivered Gardenway Celtic Breeze. She was everything I could have hoped for.
Bree’s show career had a fantastic start with four Best Puppy in Show. Bree loved the show ring and with Jenny Mclintock handling her, she was awarded over 30 group placements.
We retired Bree from the ring so that we could both start our families. Bree had a litter of puppies within days of my first son Connor being born. What a busy and fun time it was. Bree had two lovely litters with Drum (my male also from Gardenway). Today, Bree is represented well in the pedigrees (Ferngold Vizslas) of some fine vizslas in the show ring and family homes. Connor and Erin have grown up with her as their loving fun companion. She never minded playing dress-up or whatever they wanted to do with her. Bree was also busy at the office with Bob and me building Bowsers Pet Products. She was one of our product testers, but more importantly, Bree was our “Poster Dog.” Bree is on all of our pet bed tags around the world as well as being used in magazine ads and our big tradeshow displays. Bree regularly attended our trade shows throughout North America. Her wonderful demeanor, good behavior made her a star attraction at our booth. Bree’s favorite times later in life were spent with our family, her dog friends – Cooper and Targa – and Simba the cat. She enjoyed the summer before she passed away relaxing on the lawn chair on the dock in Muskoka. I guess it really is a dog’s life... Bree is missed and remembered by many. —Eileen, Bob, Connor and Erin Wilkes
For me it all started in 2003. I was only able to spend my time with Bree for half of her life but I still had a good time with her. I was only about four when the funniest thing happened. I wanted to see if Bree could fit into my pajamas so we tried it. Surprisingly it worked. Bree was such a good sport about it and she looked adorable. There are so many more moments and I love them all. All I wish is to reverse time and enjoy every single moment all over again with Bree. Also if I can have one more wish, I wish just to spend one last day with her. Nobody will ever forget about Bree. Especially me. —Erin Wilkes, eight years old, grade 3